About Kuan Yin Healing Arts
Traditional Acupuncture for Body:Mind:Spirit

Receive the world
in your arms…

Tao De Jing, Number 28


At Kuan Yin Healing Arts you will find a safe and sacred space for you to access and engage your own deep capacity for healing.

Melissa is a registered acupuncturist with years of experience in the field of healing. She has a strong belief in the connection of all aspects of our being; physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. With treatments based on Classical Acupuncture and Japanese Meridian Therapy, and a background in psychology and psychotherapy, Melissa meets you exactly where you are, and facilitates your path back to greater wellbeing and balance.

Traditional East Asian Medicine is a holistic practice that is able to treat at all levels. From musculo-skeletal concerns to deep spiritual imbalance, Melissa engages with the heart of the issue. Her aim is always to bring you back into alignment with your own true nature, to see yourself in the true beauty of who you are.

Melissa is trained to work with adults, teenagers, young children and infants, through all the life cycle stages.
Her treatments can bring balance, happiness and wellness to individuals that then radiate back into the family and community.

Treatment sessions are…

1 hour for adults @ $110 each
30 minutes for children @ $50 each

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